Agladir, an original character for the Gondolin RPG.

Agladir son of Alcarion and Lindorie of the House of the Heavenly Arch.

Agladir son of Alcarion



Date of Birth:

First Age 46

Place of Birth













Antien Amrun (son)


House of the Heavenly Arch

Original Character BiographyEdit

Born in Vinyamar in the year 46 F.A. His father, Alcarion was killed during the Dagor Aglareb and so, being only 14 at the time, Agladir was raised primarily by his mother, Lindorie, (which placed a strain upon her, being unable to openly mourn her husband, in case she upset her young son).

A member of the House of the Heavenly Arch it was Caranmoth son of Egalmoth who brought the news of Alcarion's death to his wife and young son. Caranmoth soon after befriended Agladir, treating him (especially at first), as a 'replacement' (of sorts), for his younger brother, Sulmoth who died during the crossing of the ice. It was also Caranmoth who persuaded his father into making Agladir an 'unofficial' squire, much to his delight and Egalmoth's 'official' squires annoyance. Though over the years his 'work' done at this position has ebbed.

Due to Agladir's close friendship with Caranmoth he met Maril, the latter's younger sister and, after many a year he fell in love with her. When Caranmoth eventually found out about his friends love for his sister rather than prevent Agladir from even thinking of courting her; he thought rather, much to Agladir's amazement, that it was great news, as it would mean that his best friend would not just be his best friend but also his brother-in-law as well; so instead of playing the over protective brother he instead, began to play 'match-maker' much to Agladir's embarrassment. Unfortunately this role was cut short by his death during the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.

Agladir was gutted by Caranmoth's death (especially since he was fighting close by and so saw him fall), and because of this anguish and the inactivity within Gondolin it has meant that it has been impossible for him to vent any of his frustrations at the fact that he could not save his friend. This vengefulness is actually quite contrary to his nature, being usually quite cheerful and out going, indeed, more than once did he and Caranmoth make 'mischief' around the city; which would get the pair in trouble with Caranmoth's father and his own mother, though Egalmoth would rarely be too harsh with them, usually seeing the funny side of the act; although when Agladir would return home his mother would lecture him on his behaviour.

Unfortunately for Agladir, one of his biggest fears is attempting to confront Lord Egalmoth about anything, especially since Caranmoth's death, as he would have been the one to speak to his father, thus saving Agladir from embarrassment. But now, due to this unexplainable fear, any courtship that he had attempted before the Nirnaeth has been almost completely stopped.