Curufinwe Atarinke, or Curufin, is the fifth son of Feanor in GondolinRPG.



Curufinwe Atarinke

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Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Amrod, Amras


Mrs Curvo


Celebrimbor, Elammoth, Laurinyelle and Laurincalme


House of Feanor


In the Silmarillion, Curufin was the fifth son of Feanor, who dwelt in Himlad with his brother Celegorm until the Dagor Bragollach, when they fled to Nargothrond and remained there for a while. He is notable for a speech he made along with Celegorm to convince the Nargothrondrim not to wage open war on Morgoth, as well being the target of the Leap of Beren and attempting to kill Lúthien with an arrow. Curufin died with his brothers Celegorm and Caranthir in the Kinslaying at Doriath.


Curufin was slain in Doriath and remained dead for approximately a year. He made an appearance in the Pyramid of Doom, although it may have been an illusion. Later, Annatar devised a way to give physical bodies to the ghosts of Curufin and his brothers Caranthir and Celegorm in order to please Amrod and Amras and convince Maedhros of his good intentions. Curufin was particularly keen to be brought back to life at any cost, and accepted the Red Ring from Sauron to maintain an illusion of life. This drew mixed reactions from their brothers.

Curufin quickly discovered that the balance of power among his brothers had changed while he was dead, and set to work trying to refocus their attention towards regaining the Silmaril. This brought him into conflict with Maglor, who had been against his resurrection and wanted to avoid any further wars. Curufin advised against the duel of songs that robbed Maglor of his voice, and became closer to Annatar, becoming his pupil in the art of creating Rings of Power.

Despite the bad blood between them, Curufin and Maglor set out together to the Havens of Sirion to formally request the return of the Silmaril, but did not make it that far. They quarrelled over the Ring and Annatar and fought, which led to Curufin's second death. This led to Curufin killing Caranthir in a continuation of the argument about whether they should be alive by unnatural means or not. Once again a ghost, Curufin took Caranthir's Ring and headed East to warn Celegorm, but was waylaid by another song attack from Maglor which destroyed the White Ring.

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