Curufin's Seven Rings refers to (unsurprisingly) seven Rings of Power made by Curufin, with assistance from Sauron.

List of Rings and PowersEdit

The Ring of Air, carried by Maedhros, gives its bearer the power to manipulate air, breath and wind.

Three Ringbearers

The Ring of Water, carried by Maglor, alias Nenya, gives its bearer the power to control all forms of water and ice, and has some healing properties.

The Ring of Hunting, carried by Celegorm, can make travel overland go faster, and can conceal tracks.

The Ring of Strength, carried by Caranthir, confers great physical strength and energy upon its bearer.

The Ring of Fire, carried by Curufin, is concerned with manipulating fire, heat and lightning.

The Ring of Dream, carried by Amrod (but intended for Amras), can allow conscious thought while dreaming, and shares dreams with others.

The Ring of Fate, carried by Amras (but intended for Amrod) has mysterious properties.

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