Elentirmo is an original character in the Gondolin RPG.

Gondolin RPGEdit

Elentirmo (Star-gazer) was once a captain of the Golden Flower. He later became a captain of the Royal House and then Captain of the King's Guard. Elentirmo resigned from his position. He and his lover Elthalion began an orphanage, adopted many children, and ran a daycare.

They have since left Gondolin under the protection of Lord Ulmo and the Elessar. They've were found by the High King and are now living on the Isle of Balar.

Originally, it was believed that the animals had been left behind. However, it seems that some of them made their way out and followed the travelers.


Elentirmo was Glorfindel's first esquire in Aman and became close in friendship to Ecthelion's esquire Elemmakil. They had a very chaste homosocial relationship that involved a lot of touching, feeling, sparring, and bathing. However, in the last days of Gondolin, he needed a more physical relationship as a means of completing his life before it should end prematurely, if it does. Elentirmo has a very straong amorous reaction to chocolate so perhaps it's no surprise he eventually seduced or was seduced by the chocolatier Elthalion. Elentirmo usually cares for the soldiers under his command, but this gave him a different outlet for his selfless nature. He eventually opened an orphanage with Elthalion. His lovelife has since been very stable.