Some typical scenery near the Havens

The Havens of Sirion is an Elven settlement at the mouth of the River Sirion, and the destination of refugees from Gondolin and Doriath.


As yet, the Haven has not been mapped. It contains a permanent town and deep water harbour, as well as a 'tent city' which is slowly being dismantled as recent arrivals are housed. Cirdan used to maintain his mainland residence here, but that was burned down during the zombie catastrophe.

At present, the Haven is governed by the Sons of Feanor. The Gondolindrim democracy and Doriathrim monarchy have been suspended due to a state of emergency.

Because of recent natural and unnatural events and battles, the town is largely devastated with many buildings collapsed or destroyed. Some areas are still coated with ash from volcanic activity in the north. Nonetheless, it remains the last foothold of permanent Elven settlement on the mainland, and clearing and rebuilding work is currently under way.

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