The House of the Fountain is one of the Twelve Houses of Gondolin.

The House of the Fountain




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House DetailsEdit

The House of the Fountain came to be from Ecthelion's interest in water and stonecraft. It is one of the larger Houses, and the soldiers of the Fountain are renowned swordsmen who march into battle to the music of flutes. As a major part of King Turgon's frontline troops, the Fountains suffered heavy losses in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.

Despite this, the people of the Fountain are known for their carefree and easy-going spirit and enjoyment of music, dance and wine. They are also hard-working and skilled, being behind the construction of Gondolin's many fountains, artificial lakes and watercourses. Their house pub is the Gay Fountain, which represents well the character of the House and its infamous Fountain Boys.

Fall of GondolinEdit

In the Fall of Gondolin, the people of the House of the Fountain took the Western route and were evacuated via the mountain pass. Ecthelion himself remained behind to defend the city.

Notable MembersEdit

Ecthelion Ániero

Elemmakil – Captain, Warden of the Great Gate (deceased)

Falathar - Mariner. Cousin to Elemmakil.

Nimphelos - Vintner

Luinil – Squire to Ecthelion

Narminco – Esquire to Ecthelion (deceased)

Heledir - Slash writer

Erellont - Mariner

Alassie – Mother of Narminco and Meneliel, wife of Falmalin

Aerandir – Mariner

Nen-Girith – Lieutenant

Falmalin – Husband of Alassie, father of Narminco and Meneliel



Harandur – House Carl

Barandir – Father of Serwen (deceased)

Galadhel – soldier, father of Heledir (left Gondolin)

Eiliant – cook, mother of Heledir (left Gondolin)


Turnen – brother of Nenriel, son of Hathien and Elernil

Nenriel – painter, sister of Turnen, daughter of Hathien and Elernil

Hathien – seamstress, mother of Turnen and Nenriel, wife of Elernil

Elernil – soldier, husband of Hathien, father of Turnen and Nenriel (deceased)

Mahtar – soldier, Captain of the First Gate

Indil – ghost, once possessed Meleth


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