The House of the Golden Flower is one of the Twelve Houses of Gondolin.

The House of the Golden Flower




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House DetailsEdit

The House of the Golden Flower is led by Glorfindel, best beloved of all the Gondolindrim. His is the largest House in Gondolin after the House of the King and has the largest military under any single Lord. As such, the people of the Golden Flower had two representatives on the Lords' Council: Glorfindel and his sister Tindariel.

Glorfindel has many followers of Vanyarin descent, although golden hair is not a prerequisite for being a member of his House. Many of the Golden Flowers are highly skilled as either fighters or in their civilian trades, and some have been personally trained by Glorfindel in advanced combat and espionage techniques. The House also encompasses an animal division, including several hounds of Valinor.

The Golden Flower pub is the Trefoil Celandine, known for its elaborate cocktails created by the talented Flower mixologists Mîlpaich and Manadhel.

Fall of GondolinEdit

In the Fall of Gondolin, the Flowers evacuated by the Western route, via the mountain pass. They led the way and met the brunt of the attack from the army of Morgoth under Daedhel.

Notable MembersEdit


Meleth - once handmaiden to Idril

Arassuil - Mind healer

Frea – Sister of Arassuil

Tathlin – Older sister of Minuial, fiancée of Salgant

Minuial –Younger sister of Tathlin

Cormallen – Captain (deceased)

Ninglor – Captain (deceased)

Culuriel – Captain, ex-squire of Glorfindel

Ivren – Sister of Ninniach, wife of Culuriel (Originally of the Heavenly Arch)

Anarion – ex-squire to Glorfindel

Elanor - Captain

Eirien - Captain

Aerlinwe – wife of Tirinvos

Coire – Chancellor

Imloth – House Carl

Olossir – Animal carer

Yestare – Aid to Coire

Mîlpaich - Cocktail specialist

Manadhel - bartender at the Trefoil Celandine

Uilos - toymaker

Echuir - Beautician

Elostirion – Brother of Elentirmo

Elestirne – (left Gondolin)

Dairuin – second to Alfirin (deceased)

Nimloth – daughter of Imloth (not to be confused with Nimloth wife of Dior)

Illuin – Master of Hounds

Gildor – Captain

Nendesse – Lieutenant

Vilyarion – Lieutenant to Ninglor

Gilfalas – Lieutenant to Anarion

Elvea – Lieutenant to Eirien

Meneldur – Captain

Isilmo – Gardener

Merilin – soldier

Laurelasseo – Captain

Parmaite – Second to Laurelasseo

Rheya –Lieutenant to Elanor

Niennel – daughter of Nessero and Nelloth, sister of Calandil

Estelvîr – Son of Glorfindel and Meleth

Ambalotsë –soldier

Tathiel – holds land on the Plains

Alcarinqua – miner (deceased)

Thorongil – foster-father of Mallos

Tirinvos – guard, husband of Aerlinwe

Imrine – (deceased, died in the Nirnaeth)


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