Castacalime Estelind (Nestalinde)

Date of Birth

VY 1136

Place of Birth

Tirion, Aman


Half-Vanya, half-Noldo


Ortaquín Laurendil (Noldo)


Alairë Vorannë (Vanya)


Indilmë Ainalissë




Laurinyelle and Laurincalme


House of Feanor

The Master Healer and mother figure of the Feanorians. Is old and of half-Vanyarin, half-Noldorin descent, studied under Este in Valinor and went with the Feanorians at her friend Nerdanel's request.

Living proof that appearances may be deceiving, rules the Healing Ward with an iron fist and doesn't tolerate imperfect work; nicknamed Nasty Nesta. Likes displine (yes - that kind, too - now get your mind back out of the gutter), braids, white, corsets, tea, dancing, herbs, used to be rather promiscuous for an elf. Now is a bit of a workaholic and health fetishist, wears black leather goth boots, the existence of hobnails is subject to debate. Has an otherwise very no-nonsense, no-frills approach to life.

Also, contrary to most all the above, the mother-to-be of Curufin's twin daughters. Her fringe is a time-honoured hereditary possession that will be passed on to Laurinyelle and Laurincalme.

Unfortunate Minions Other HealersEdit

Cuinallo, healer and first in command, has known Nestalinde and worked with her since Valinor, younger by almost a century. Likes tea. Really likes tea. Doesn't like Curufin.'

Bronwen, recently freed from Angband and a healer in her own right, but was made apprentice to Nestalinde and Cuinallo to gain confindence and familiarize herself with elven healing methods. Hides in cupboards

Inuthind, healer and scribe, formerly apprenticed to Nestalinde in Valinor, was among the healers who cared for Maedhros after his rescue and was given leave to stay with the Fingolfinians as Master Healer, only recently rejoined the team at the Havens and acknowledged Nestalinde's seniority. Aka Mini-Nesta.

Tinnugwil, healer, a Sinda.

Tatharim, healer from Mithrim and formerly tutor of Maglor's wife Lasbaneth. Also secretly a Maglor agent.

Vercatauro, herbalist and apothecary, solitary and grumpy as a badger and best left alone, according to some. Is commonly assumed to have an unrequited crush on Inuthind.

Wendanna, nurse and midwife.