Rogion is the nickname of Enerdhilion and now the Lord of the Hammer of Wrath after his father's death.

Original Character BiographyEdit

Rogion saw little of his father in the first 30 years of his life. When Gondolin was full-wrought in FA 116, Rogion relocated to Gondolin along with the rest of Turgon's people. It is then that he finally understood why his father was so often absent. He looks at Gondolin with a certain amount of pride, knowing the blood, sweat, and tears that were shed for the White City. There was still much work to do to improve the City, and so Rogion has spent his time on such projects ever since. He put his energies into the hewing of stone and smithying of metals, especially for the buildings of Gondolin, and he has never learned the art of making jewels, much to Rog's regret. Rogion is loyal only to Turgon and does not share his father's high regard for the sons of Feanor despite hearing some scattered stories about them from Rog.

Rogion fought in the Nirnaeth Arnoediand and proved his great valour then, scarcely less than that of his father. He was badly wounded in the battle (as were many), but he survived his injuries. Most notably, he has three burn scars from the triple-pronged whip of a Balrog upon his left thigh. He's deeply affected by his mother's death in the Dagor Nirnaeth though he has no good way of expressing this. Unfortunately, it means it's just him and Rog in the house, and the two do not always get along without a woman to mediate. Rogion is less apt to become angry than Rog. Rogion also tends to have better gossip sources than Rog and will actually try to confirm a rumor once he hears about it.

Rogion survived the Fall of Gondolin. In the battle waged upon the elves of Beleriand shortly after the arrival of the scouting ships of the Army of the West, his father Rog died, making him the Lord of the Hammer of Wrath. He's not particularly fond of Curufin, who thinks his craftsmanship second rate, which might well be true. He keeps his ears open to the gossip

Love LifeEdit

Rogion had a crush on Tindariel when he was younger because, like his father, he likes blonds. It drew his attention to Elemmakil, who he had a semi-crush on. He did not have crushes on his two best friends, Agladir and Narminco. After the Nirnaeth, he had a strong pull to get laid. He married to Meneliel, Narminco's sister.